Welcome to the home of the 2nd Battalion 53rd Air Infantry NATO-COOP realism unit.
We are a group of military simulation enthusiasts who conduct co-operative objective based missions using the ARMA 3 game engine from Bohemia Interactive.

We are always welcoming new recruits into our group from all over the globe. As a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - Coalition Organised Operations Partnership (NATO-COOP) group we do not follow one single national identity: which reflects the multi-national membership of our group. To simplify the rank and awards structures we utilise the American system as it is the most easily recognisable to the vast majority of ARMA players. Whilst we are a realism unit, and have the associated ranks, awards and positions that go with being a realism unit, we are first and foremost here to share the comraderie and teamwork of working together within the ARMA 3 engine.

If you have any further questions or comments please visit the public area of our Forum.

We are primarily an air assault capable infantry unit with every member first and foremost a rifleman, with additional infantry roles and specialisms following on from that.

We also have an attached Helicopter Company which flies both Transport and Attack Helicopters during missions which accepts members from all over the globe. This section not only recruits Helicopter pilots but crewmen as well.

We offer a comprehensive training programme through our Basic Recruits Training Course. We also offer specialism training and several other classes ranging from Pilot Schools to NCO and Leadership classes.

In order to join us you don't need to have military experience, nor do you need to be the best virtual soldier in the world, we take everyone no matter what skill providing you are a mature person who wishes to share in the co-op nature of this simulation and are willing to be an active and productive member of the Battalion.
We do have a minimum age limit of 18 and accept Recruits of this age or over, we do accept members under this age by invite only, we only ask that you are mature and that you respect your team mates. For further information please visit our rules page.